I'm sorry to my few loyal fans, but I've decided I just don't have time for brown sparrow art. I'm working on several big projects and have decided that they are more important than finishing my stories on this site. This site won't go away yet, but I won't be updating it anymore (though that's not really new).

I do however, have a new website for just my work, and I would love for you to visit! Just go to jbrenthill.com. I also have a blog there that I actually will be updating on a regular basis (shocking)!

I also plan on continuing my "Choose Your Own Sparrowventure" idea, but I will host it on deviantART rather than here. When that is up and running I'll post it to this site as well. Thanks for all the love and support, and keep making and enjoying great art!


...I'm actually going to start using this site again! You don't have to believe it until you see it, but the site may look weird for a few days while I organize things. Here's what you have to look forward to:
-A new comic from a new contributor--in English and Spanish!
-Desire. Deception. Soap. will finally continue on a weekly basis!
-Choose Your Own Sparrowventure will be updated twice a week!
While we haven't yet finished all of the changes to the site, you should be able to navigate a little more freely now!

Our newest addition to Brown Sparrow Art is Breannah Webb! We are so happy to feature her and her work! And hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Click on the picture or button to visit her artist page! 
"Egg" by J. Brent Hill
Many have noticed that we've been pretty inactive here on Brown Sparrow Art lately. We're hoping to change that, and part of that is simplifying the format of the site a bit. We're not finished yet, but hopefully you like where things are going! If you are actually on this site reading this, you are amazing, and we love you so much!

-Brent & Erika

Happy day! We get to introduce another amazing artist! Kyo Hattress has joined brown sparrow art, and we love her style! She is an incredibly talented young artist and writer, and we have the pleasure of introducing you to some of her work! Her artist page links to even more of her fabulous art, so please check it out! She is especially great at manga and anime-inspired art, as well as Invader Zim fan art (if you haven't watched this twisted cartoon, you are missing out big time)! Click here for more!

And as always, we'll continue to post more great artwork by Kyo Hattress and our other artists as they become available. Enjoy!

Yay! A baby! Though we'll return to his epic paternity saga, I know what you're all wondering: WHAT IS THIS BABY'S NAME? 

We don't know! That's where you come in. 

Fran and Arthur are feeling indecisive about names (Arthur's feelings toward this child are...mixed...), so they're putting it up to a vote, and they need you! Submit your ideas for Baby Von Schleppen's, and then we'll put them to a vote*. Feel free to include up to two middle names--all the cool kids are doing it.

*We reserve the right not to let you vote on a name that we don't like. If you submit "Prince Poopy-Muffinpants" as a name, we're just going to pretend it never happened. Though Prince Poopy-Muffinpants has a nice ring to it...
Okay, it probably won't save your life, but I think you'll love it! This button links to our new feature: Choose Your Own Sparrowventure, and we hope you will be a part of it!

This is our new reader-generated comic! Simply add a comment after the current panel telling us what happens next! It can be anything (as long as it's appropriate for a family friendly website). ALSO, I (Brent), do not have to draw every panel, so if you want to draw it yourself, just note it in the comments!

It's finally here! This is the last installment of Alien Advertising (at least for the foreseeable future). Click the button to the left for older panels!

***Choose Your Own Sparrowventure will begin on Saturday, June 9th!***
A note from Erika: Hello Von Schleppen fans! Thanks for continuing to follow this story, even after a months-long hiatus! While there are all sorts of reasons that going for months without giving you any news of the Von Schleppens proved to be a good decision for us, one of the things that makes me truly sad is that we didn't get to take the time to explore/exploit (are we allowed to exploit pregnancy?) Fran's pregnancy for all its dramatic/comic potential. When we talked about reviving this comic, we decided to act as if time hadn't stopped for the Von Schleppens, which means that we pretty much jumped straight from Fran's pregnancy revelation to her welcoming the newest Von Schleppen into the world. At any rate, this panel was my attempt to squeeze a pregnancy full of jokes into one small panel while still communicating Arthur and Fake-Arthur's reasons for accosting Fran, so I hope that you take a moment to think about all the possible comedic interactions afforded between a factory construction site (they're building a new factory, in case you missed it) and a very pregnant woman's nesting impulses. Think about it, and laugh with me.