Yay! A baby! Though we'll return to his epic paternity saga, I know what you're all wondering: WHAT IS THIS BABY'S NAME? 

We don't know! That's where you come in. 

Fran and Arthur are feeling indecisive about names (Arthur's feelings toward this child are...mixed...), so they're putting it up to a vote, and they need you! Submit your ideas for Baby Von Schleppen's, and then we'll put them to a vote*. Feel free to include up to two middle names--all the cool kids are doing it.

*We reserve the right not to let you vote on a name that we don't like. If you submit "Prince Poopy-Muffinpants" as a name, we're just going to pretend it never happened. Though Prince Poopy-Muffinpants has a nice ring to it...


06/11/2012 00:02

Vincent. Vincent Von Schleppen. Someone could insist on calling him "Vinnie."

07/04/2012 12:15

Terrence "The Rock" Von Schleppen

07/04/2012 16:26

Alpha Boatwright Von Schleppen. The first name is negotiable, but I insist on Boatwright. Gallihue is also a good first name. And I want you to know that these are all names gleaned from actual people with said names.


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